How to design the perfect A3 poster

Designing the perfect A3 poster doesn't have to be complicated or difficult. All you need to do is make sure you're using a decent image manipulation software (like Photoshop or Illustrator), and that you know the message you want to convey.

Once you've established that, you can start designing. In this article, we run through some tried-and-tested A3 poster design principles to help you out. 

Less is more

The old adage 'less is more' can confuse amateur designers. It doesn't always mean you need to stick to a black and white colour palette for your A3 poster, or only use sans-serif fonts in your designs. Although minimalistic approaches like those have their place - and are admittedly very effective - your A3 poster design doesn't have to be bound by such strict rules. 

Utilise a 'less is more' approach in a modern way for your A3 poster design. You could try a monochromatic colour palette with line-drawn artwork, or opt for minimal imagery and unique font choices. You can even use multiple shades of the same colour, or pick a classic Tricolore approach like the ever-effective black, white, and red.  

Use a visual hierarchy 

To grab attention, make use of the brain's natural desire for order and intuitive reading experiences. We are most comfortable when information is presented in an order that makes sense to us - you can reinforce this visually in your A3 poster design to really grab the reader's attention. 

A great way to do this is to decrease the size of text on your A3 poster design as the eye travels down the page. Not only does this tell the reader the most important information on your A3 poster first, but it grabs the attention of those who want to read more and guides them to your contact details or alternative CTA. 

Include contrasting elements

The reason so many of these tips might seem obvious is because they're tried and tested design principles. We're a huge advocate of using contrasting elements in your A3 poster design - not only is it visually pleasing, but it makes your message more accessible for those with visual impairments, or difficulty telling similar colours apart. 

You can also take a more modern contrast-based approach towards your A3 poster design - look at contrasting fonts as a way to add character to your design, or colour splash elements on photographs to draw emphasis to a particular area of the image. 

Use typography as an image

A great way to add interest to your A3 poster design is to use typography in place of traditional artwork, illustration, or photography. 

Not only does this approach go against the grain - therefore setting your A3 poster apart from a sea of others - but it can offer some great opportunities for creativity. 

Are you designing an A3 poster advert for a coffee shop? Consider spelling out their brand name or logo using coffee beans on a contrasted minimalist white background. Don't underestimate the power of clever typography in setting your A3 poster design apart!

Make use of layering to add depth 

If you're not feeling inspired by a minimalist approach, consider using layering to add depth and personality to your A3 poster design. Bear in mind that if you get this wrong, it can go horribly wrong, but with a discerning eye (and maybe some professional input) you may find that you get far more out of a detailed A3 poster than a minimalist one. 

This approach is especially useful if you want to convey a lot of information in a relatively small space - A3 is a pretty sizeable choice for a poster, but it's by no means the largest available size. 

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