Top Design Tips for A4 Posters

Using A4 posters as part of your printed marketing mix is a great way to save money and make the most of your campaign. They're a convenient size that will fit most places and are relatively cheap compared to other, larger poster sizes. 

Plus, A4 posters can be printed in a variety of colour combinations and finishes, and on plenty of different materials. When designing an A4 poster, you have the scope to really get creative in communicating your message effectively. 

In this article, TPS looks at the top design tips for A4 posters, so you can get the most out of your order. 

Don't underestimate the power of white space!

Remember - white space doesn't have to necessarily be white. In art, it is known as negative space, and simply refers to the absence of complex features like text and imagery. It can be any colour.

White space is used across all areas of design to draw attention towards the most important parts of your message and to minimise strain on the eyes. This makes for easy reading; effectively communicating your message to whoever is viewing your A4 poster. 

Utilising white space when designing A4 posters is especially important because A4 posters offer limited space. To make them look bigger, you need to make an executive decision regarding the amount of content the design is going to feature. 

Use of images!

We live in an increasingly visual age, where information is best communicated and understood using visual aids and tools. Visual imagery sparks interest where plain text does not. 

When designing your A4 posters, make sure to use imagery - whether this is in the form of photography, illustration, graphics, or clever typography. 

Don't overdo it, though! As seen in the point on white space above, A4 posters don't give you much room to work with. Make sure to capitalise on what you have by being selective about your communication tools. One photo is enough if paired with some great font and a striking CTA. 

It's as simple as A, B, C...

This leads us to our next point - when designing an A4 poster, carefully consider the text you use. 

A4 posters; although the same size as an A4 page you filled with words during your essays at school; don't need to be jam-packed with alphabetical information. In fact, it's advised that you avoid filling your A4 posters with words if at all possible. 

Use text for the things you quite literally have to spell out - think phone numbers, addresses, and sales copy. Make sure the text on your A4 poster is attractive and attention-grabbing. If the text doesn't serve a purpose, don't use it. 

Colourful considerations

Designing for an A4 poster usually goes one of two ways - either you go overboard with the colours, or you're determined to stick to something that looks a little bit like that "black, white, and red all over" joke. 

Striking a balance somewhere in the middle is your best bet for A4 poster design success. It's important to decide your colour palette first - if you have brand colours, stick to these. 

Remember your white space rule, and ensure any imagery you're using fits into the colour scheme. You can use photo editing software to make sure your imagery matches your colour palette, but equally, don't go overboard - colours should look genuine but there's no excuse for green-skinned models just because they match your brand colours. 

Order your A4 poster from TPS today 

Once your design is finalised, send your artwork over to TPS. Our digital A4 posters can be printed on either silk or gloss stock, which adds definition and lift to images. 

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