Creating a Start-Up Suite of Business Materials

Most importantly for start-up companies looking to print promotional materials, our advice is that you don’t need every kind of print straight away.

Think carefully about how your print choices will reflect your company and the cost of printing an excess of materials that are ultimately wasted.

If you’re a courier it is your job to ensure your customer’s products are received in immaculate condition, so tatty business cards are not going to give you your desired first impression – stand out and represent your brand the right way.

As a broker it is important to have a reputation of being concise, organised and effective with minimal negative impacts on a client, so why would you get large volumes of information printed and then fold them up and ruin that first impression? Stand out and represent your brand the right way!

The best way to ensure you represent your brand effectively is to get a suite of start-up business materials printed, so we’re going to inform you of the best options and some key best practices for getting these things spot on too!

Best Practices for Business Material Production 
Letterheads / Compliment Slips / Invoices: Ensure that your brand guidelines are followed and replicated exactly across these and all other products. It is best to get these printed lithographically because digitally printed versions will make it more likely for the ink to heat up and run, spoiling your professional artwork. 

If you require both print and digital copies of these, ensure that your brand is replicated like for like so that your brand awareness isn’t compromised. It is easy to create a PDF typable letterhead to match printed stocks – ask us on Twitter for advice! 

Business Cards: Our top tip is to buy less (yes we’re really suggesting that!) and instead consider spending money on higher quality first of all. Don’t end up with a box full of cards that give the wrong impression but only cost £1.99. When you hand over a business card it represents you as an individual and your company, so think about leaving a lasting impression of excellence in your field, rather than one of a business looking to save a few pennies. 

Flyers: Again, follow the quality over quantity rule and ensure you print less but use your time and resource to focus on getting the message across to your target market. Amongst the many flyers your client will see and receive, it’s always best to stand out, so choose your stock and finish carefully. Ask us!

Brochures: This is your first pitch to a prospective client, whether it is a catalogue of products or a business introduction. Use clean lines, concise messaging and proof your artwork repeatedly for an effective promotional piece! Ask us!

Folders: These can vary in size, but the most popular choices are typically oversized A4 and oversized A5. If you want to print inserts in house for folders, use a letterhead type stock for brand strength. If you don’t want inserts, then a folder might not be the best option. 

When you buy a folder, you pay for a unique die to be produced, but repeat orders will be cheaper because the die is already made.

Final advice 
Most importantly, remember that every single piece of your start up suite of business materials, has one goal – to make a strong, first impression.

Choose to give the right impression and one that lasts with your promotional materials – they work 24/7 when they are in front of prospective clients!

Your materials should offload confidence in your brand and represent your company correctly to a reader, so distinguish yourself from the crowd and choose correctly.

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