Do You Know The Difference Between A Brand And A Logo?

We know that this could get pretty messy, so we’re going to write this in the clearest way possible. It can be easy when you’re not in the print or design industries to struggle to understand the importance of a brand, but we’re going to give it a shot and explain the whole thing…

At Trade Print Solutions, we’re a printing provider for so many companies and their MDs, so we know first-hand that not everybody grasps the concept of a brand and that of a logo.
Hey, it’s no big deal, you can’t know everything!

However, we do think that you should at least understand the basic differences, so when it comes to your next company rebrand or printing project, you understand why we place importance on brand values and recognition, over where your logo sits (although that’s important).

Right, let’s get back to business…

What is a brand?

To understand the significance of a logo, you need to truly be aware of what a brand is and what it encompasses.

You brand is the physical embodiment of your personality, your employees’ attitude, your company message and key values. It completely encompasses every single interaction and touch point that a customer has with your name, marketing practices, business identifiers and products and services. 

So, whether it’s messaging, identity, visual design, communications of verbal or digital kinds, or promotions and marketing, your customer needs to have the same “recognisable” experience. 

What is a logo?

A logo is quite simply, a graphic element with a name. Your name, granted, but it’s just an identifier. It should represent all of those things that form you brand, but it is not the most important part. 

If you have a shabby logo, but all of those brand elements are on point, it’s easy to correct your logo. However, to have a poor brand presence and graphically fantastic logo, will get you nothing at all.

So, what’s the difference?

Let’s be honest there is a pretty big difference in the importance of these two elements. 

If you reckon that your brand needs refreshing and doesn’t incorporate all of those elements then it might be time to focus on that before printing new branded marketing materials.
At Trade Print Solutions, we know the importance of brand positioning, but we also know that to get the best out of your print job, your brand guidelines should be followed.

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