Ho-Ho-Ho Merry Printmas!

Is it too early to make Christmas jokes? We hope not. As we enter into the season of festive print, you're going to see an increase in clients asking for holiday-themed print work. Some will be quirky, others traditional, but all will be centred around one thing - the December holiday season. 

And with the relentless commercialisation of the December holiday season will come an increase in festive orders from your clients - from party banners and posters to personalised greeting cards and magazines.

Don't fret! Your well-deserved break is just around the corner. Before you head off, however, you need to make sure your customers are provided for and ready for the holiday season themselves. With our holiday print offerings, you can do just that. 

Festive Greeting Cards

Undoubtedly, the most popular type of festive marketing material is a greeting card. It's simple, totally customisable, and seasonally appropriate.

Your clients can use greeting cards to make a striking, branded impact by incorporating company colours, logos, and slogans along with their choice of festive artwork.

Plus, customers are more likely to display a greeting card than they are a flyer or leaflet. And when January rolls around, your clients will benefit from the first orders coming in earlier than expected.

Our digital print greeting cards come in three finishes: silk, uncoated, and trucard. Find out more here.

Festive Gifts

Quite often, clients will look to their print supplier to help design and distribute personalised corporate gifts for their staff. We usually see these requests come in the form of a desk pad, a wall planner, or even a poster or mouse mat. You may even wish to do the same for your clients. 

Aside from it being a nice gesture, offering your clients a festive product before the holidays reminds them who to get back in touch with in January. Maybe it'll prompt a sale of the product in question, branded with their colours and logo! 

Festive Finishings

You can offer your clients a festive upgrade to their seasonal print work in a variety of ways. It'll set their marketing materials and other printed products apart from their competitors, and - on the most basic of levels - will look a whole lot more interesting. 

You can do this in several ways, including the following:

Metallic Ink

Metallic ink is made by adding metallic particles to ink, which reflect light and project a 'shiny' look. Historically, the festive season (especially the weeks leading up to Christmas and following New Year), is characterised by tinsel, glitter, and sparkling lights. 

Emulate this with metallic ink, which can be used to add interest to everything from greeting cards to posters. 

Metallic Substrate

If you would like to, you can turn the metallic ink trend on its head and opt for a metallic base material instead. It offers a similar effect but can reduce the cost of printing, especially for shorter runs. 

Festive print products from Trade Print Solutions

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