How to Send Artwork to Trade Print Solutions

Using our online platform is hopefully a breeze, but if you’re a print novice or want to brush up on how to ensure your artwork is correctly setup for print, this blog is perfect for you!

We don’t want to have our customers send artwork to print, only to discover that it isn’t printed as they envisaged.

With this in mind, this blog should be the perfect reminder of the kind of artwork that is best for ensuring a high quality final printed product.

How to Send Artwork to Trade Print Solutions
ALWAYS send artwork that is in a hi-res, press ready PDF format, with crop marks and bleed.

Where possible, we’d recommend that you avoid sending artwork in PNG, TIFF or JPEG file formats as this can dramatically reduce the professional quality of your print.

Similarly, this is why we don’t advise you to send Word and PowerPoint documents etc.

In the worst case scenario, we can use these files, but you may find a reduction in quality, so please ask designers to send final artwork to you in a hi-res, press ready PDF format (with crop marks and bleed).

Why PDF?
PDF files are used for lots of great reasons, which is why it’s important to define just why PDFs are perfect for printing!

In relation to printing files, PDFs have the following advantages:

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free software that allows PDF files to be retrieved, viewed and printed by anybody with computer access – share documents with ease.
To be admissible in a court of law, an imaged electronic document must be kept in an unalterable file format, which cannot be changed without leaving an electronic footprint. PDF documents are automatically read-only, ensuring they meet legal requirements and are practical and cost effective in storage on computer servers too. Although these can be produced in TIFF, JPEG and GIF formats, such systems can cost more in hardware expenses.
Sizable compressions of scanned images into PDF files ensure such image electronic documents are opened quickly and ideal for shared use on the internet and network servers.

These are just some of the most important benefits when we consider sending digital artwork to print providers, to ensure your document is easily printed and of the highest quality.

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