Top 5 Uses for Print Flyers

At Trade Print Solutions, we're all about making your business more effective through print. Although we offer a massive range of products and services, there's one that our clients always insist on - the flyer. 

Now, there isn't just one type of flyer. In fact, we offer a huge range of flyers, whether you're looking for folded leaflets, booklets, or just a standard A5 double-sided print job. 

So, what is it that makes the flyer so versatile? In this article, TPS looks at the top 5 uses for printed flyers. 

Event Promo

It goes without saying that if someone hands you a leaflet on the high street, it's either propaganda or a promotional offer. The same goes for leaflets posted through doors. Flyers offer a versatile and cheap way to promote your event with great artwork, engaging copy, and a pointed CTA. 


In the same vein as event promo, printed flyers are a fantastic way to advertise your business in a cheap, creative, and concise way. If designed correctly, you can fit a fair few images on a single flyer without it looking crowded and old-fashioned. 

Still, remember not to overdo the design - your contact details are the most important part of successful advertising material. 

Freelancer Services 

Here, the benefit of choosing flyers as your primary marketing material is going to be the price. Flyers - compared to most digital marketing services - are relatively affordable, making them the print marketing tool of choice for many freelancers. 

Another benefit is their ability to be easily distributed. You can hand them out yourself, or ask relevant local businesses if they'll display them for free. 

Corporate Image 

Yes, your company's online image is important, but ensuring that any printed material is an accurate reflection of your corporate image is just as crucial. Print flyers are a great medium to choose if you're looking to visually display the different services that your company provides. 

And, if you want to differentiate one service from another you can choose to colour code the flyers according to content or purpose. It may be a simple design choice, but there's no denying how effective it is!

Specials and Sales

Do you have a local customer base? Use a flyer to inform them of special deals, sales, one-time offers, and limited stock runs. A flyer can be posted through a door or handed to a potential client on the street, and if you want to encourage maximum participation, have your leaflets printed with a coupon or sales voucher. 

Flyer Printing from TPS

Whatever the content, whatever the project size: TPS delivers a full-scale printed flyer service. We're passionate about delivering the best design and print service for your printed materials, as well as next day delivery and a quality guarantee. 

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