What document binding options are there?

When you're helping a client design their print project, a number of factors will come into consideration. The artwork - obviously - is going to play a major part. The copy, too, tends to be one of the first things to be signed off.
Then, you're going to be looking at the more physical considerations. Are your clients going for a sleek, modern finish? Maybe a matte or semi-gloss finish is going to best meet their brief. Do your clients have a tight budget? Perhaps you'll be able to convince them that one big print run is going to meet their needs better than multiple shorter ones.

Clients should be involved in the whole decision-making process, which does in fact include choosing how they want their documents bound. 

It's not exactly the most exciting of conversations, but it's certainly something that deserves their input. Essentially, you need to know a little bit more about the document in question before you can help your client work out which binding style is best for them. 

Ask them the two golden questions...
  • What's the purpose of the document?
  • How many pages is it going to have?
Different types of binding will work for different types of document. You want to explain this clearly to your client, so they can make an informed choice and also solidify their trust in you as their print supplier. 

So, what types of binding are there?

Saddle stitching has been the binding style of choice for booklets and brochures for years now, especially for those looking for a more cost-effective option.

For documents of up to 48 printed pages, saddle-stitching offers uninterrupted full-page spreads - perfect for booklets, brochures, magazines and reports in which images or graphics have been laid out to take pride of place. 

Perfect Bound
Perfect binding is both a versatile and high-quality option that's used for a huge variety of documents; from magazines and brochures to hardback novels. The spine is designed to lie flat, and you can print on it so the title is visible when the document is shelved.
Plus, perfect binding lets you have up to 700 printed pages, making it a great choice for books (both paper and hardback); magazines and catalogues; and reports. 

Wiro Bound
For a more modern binding option, you might want to take a look at wiro bound documents. This type of binding utilises a spiral wire that's fed through holes punched along the inner edge of the page.

This should be taken into consideration when designing for a wiro bound document, as there needs to be a border of 12mm (minimum) on the inside edge of the pages. Wiro binding is great for documents, manuals, reference or recipe books, and anything else that needs to lie completely flat. 

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