What's the secret to perfect POS advertising?

Point of sale (POS) advertising is a type of sales promotion located near the checkout of a store (where the sale takes place). They're positioned carefully to grab the attention of shoppers and advertise onetime offers, sales, bargains, and events.
The power of POS advertising should not be underestimated. Surveys show that customers are more likely to notice events or campaigns if they're advertised as part of the in-store promotions. POS advertising is a great way to build customer loyalty, whilst also engaging new customers in already established schemes and promotions.

So, what's the secret to perfect POS advertising? In this article, the TPS team covers everything you need to know.

Simplicity is key
POS advertising needs to be designed with location in mind. Your target demographic is going to see your message as they head to complete their purchase, meaning it needs to be short and to the point.

In these instances, less is definitely more - advertise prizes, awards, and incentives here to really grab the attention of shoppers and add value to your brand.              

Make use of contrast
Shops are bright, filled with colour, and generally very visually busy. Contrast this using plain, contrasting POS advertising designs to really emphasise your message to shoppers.

Think about the 'limited offer' and 'sale' signs you see to entice you towards cheaper sections in your local grocery store. There's a reason such simple, block colour advertising is so popular... because it works.   

Get in touch with your senses
Sensory branding (or sensory marketing) is a type of POS marketing. These days, most shopping takes place online because it's so simple and affordable. This means that retailers are having to up their in-store experiences in order to keep customers coming back. 

You can use sensory branding as part of your POS advertising schemes in order to leave a lasting impression and introduce a visceral response to your products. 

Look at how you can stimulate the five senses - taste, touch, hearing, sight, and smell - and be creative. This type of marketing is a really unique way to grab the customer's attention.                                            

Put it in pride of place
Location is everything in POS advertising - after all, its entire purpose is to engage customers at a specific place in the store. When positioning POS marketing materials, place them at eye height for optimal recognition and visibility. 

You can also hang POS advertising materials from the ceiling, place roller banners by the tills themselves, or display leaflets on nearby trestle tables. If the design is eye-catching and clearly communicates your message customers will spot it even if it isn't at eye level.        

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