Why the Food Industry Relies On Folded Leaflets

You could probably make a menu with the whole host of leaflet options that are out there, when it comes to folds and finishes! However, the food industry seems to be quite happy to stick with folded menu leaflets more than any other style.

Of course, folded leaflets can be used in many other industries and not every restaurant or takeaway will stick to the trusty folded leaflet, but there is definitely a universal preference for them in the food world.
Trade Print Solutions thinks there might even be a pretty valid reason for this too, read on… 

5 Reasons Folded Leaflets Are Favoured By The Food Industry

1. Fold crazy!
Which kind of fold do you want? We think the question should rather be, “how much time have you got?!”. There are so many options for folds when it comes to leaflets, particularly for those suited to the food industry, that it means they never quite look the same as everyone else from the start.

Folds also allow for brands to literally be folded into shape, meaning you don’t lose your brand identity, but you can bend the rules (or paper) to make you stand out. 
Consider a half fold, roll fold, Z fold / accordion fold or gate fold for folded menus! More information available at Northern Print Solutions, our big sister agency.

2. Folded menus are easy to protect from stains and over use.
Laminated menus are incredibly popular, as it is simply a thin film that is applied to your leaflet during the printing process. As anybody who has went to a restaurant knows, there is nothing more off-putting for first impressions than a scuffed or marked menu. 

3. Pay more for quality food leaflets, save money in the long run.
Although it can seem more enticing to buy a bulk order of cheap printed folded leaflets and just replace as you go along, but after a few busy shifts in a restaurant, these leaflets will quickly decline in quality.

Before long, you’re making those menus “last a little longer” before being replaced and ultimately leaving a poor impression. Why not pay more initially for improved folded menus, which ultimately last much longer and mean you have to buy considerably less!

4. Take advantage of the options for space, size and layout of your menu!

When it comes to food, people like to be relaxed and not feel rushed, so don’t squash your content onto a menu that instantly makes the choice of ordering more stressful or manic.

Be creative with the layout of your design elements and choice of fold (see #1) and soon you will see that you don’t need to lose your brand identity nor worry about missing out crucial design elements.

Give people chance to breathe as they read your folded leaflet by communicating through your design that this is a relaxed and enjoyable environment! 

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